What is our kefir and the Rhythm difference?

Our vegan Life Shot Probiotic food supplements and everyday kefirs start by adding potent kefir mother cultures which are in  a “living colony a matrix ” made up of billions of naturally occurring bacteria and yeast. These ferment in harmony in our unique tender young coconut milk mixture to form the base to our products

Live Wild Cultures not freeze dried


Raw pressed and non GMO

Our finished product is 100% raw and unpasteurized by comparison all shop bought Dairy alternative cultured drinks use pasteurized ingredients, which diminishes the nutrients and vitamins. We use a technique called high pressure processing technology (HPP ).  Put simply it is like submerging the bottles 35,000 ft below sea level that high pressure  kills off any unwanted weak  microorganisms and at the same time by natures design the spherical (strongest shape in nature- some are probiotic ) good bacteria survive as they simply squish like a grape inside the bottle under the pressure and spring back to normal size after the pressure is released/switched off. This ensures their cell structures are strong for their journey into your microbiome .