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Find your inner RHYTHM with our range of vegan coconut kefirs and rebalancing life shot courses. Our mission is to make a change to the world one gut at a time, through the power of functional food whilst staying true to mother nature’s ingredients by being 100% raw, natural and live!

Customer Reviews

Dr Preetinder Sandhu

I was recommended Rhythm Health Keffir and life shots by my nutritionist for my son. Since taking these I have noticed a huge improvement in his behaviour both at home and at school. He also no longer gets the bad stomach aches he used to suffer. I have often read the gut is linked to the brain so good gut health was very important for us. This is a product I would highly recommend for anyone who is gluten free or dairy free and concerned about gut biodiversity.


Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the life shots. Its really difficult to find non-dairy kefir on the market with no added nasties. I was diagnosed with severe Crohns disease and taking life shots alongside a plant based diet, I saw my health transform. Doctors said my only option was to take medication or have surgery but I refused to believe these were my only options. And so my story shows natural healing is possible considering my scans were showing that my bowel was perforating! My CRP levels shows no inflammation and my faecal calpotectrin levels also show no inflammation. I have now been medication free for just over 9 months (stopped medication on December 2018, started life shots in Feb 2019). If you are considering taking life shots, I highly highly recommend them. If you have any questions you can find me on instagram @gutcrazy . I would like to personally thank Brian for continuously showing me support in my healing journey. I have not took life shots for a few months now and its nice to see that Brian still keeps in touch with me at least once a month to see how I am getting on. I will be taking more life shots soon just to keep my gut continuously healthy. Thank you so so much Brian!

Karen from London

I was diagnosed with Crohns about 4 years ago. I unsuccessfully tried for a few years to get my calprotectin down from around 300 and eventually I reluctantly agreed to take a 3 month course of steroids. This thankfully took my levels to down to 50. I then gave up drinking and followed a healthy diet. When I did the test a year and half later, I expected my levels to still be good but they had gone back up to 256. I was so disappointed as my diet was good and also no alcohol was obviously a good move. I was concerned I might forever have to take steroids to maintain levels over time. I spoke to a colleague who had suffered serious health issues and had taken the Life Shots and it had really helped. I contacted Brian at Rhythm health, who owns the company, and he said they have great success with people with Crohns. I took the life shots for 2 months (2x 30 day course) then got tested again. My calprotectin had reduced to 25. I was amazed. I plan to take the regular Rhythm health kefir daily and then top up with the life shots every quarter. It’s such a relief to know that I can control the inflammation naturally without having to resort to steroids.