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Rhythm Health

It all began sitting in my primary school art class whilst listening to the captivating stories of a coconut’s incredible life’s journey. This was my first meeting with this remarkable traveler , as big as a head with a taut outer skin that responded  like a jungle drum as we took turns tapping out our finger tunes on it.  It was truly fascinating to feel so close to the jungle. Thanks to Mr Johnston, our dear teacher, who had thoughtfully smuggled the traveler back in his suitcase from his own tropical adventures. I was inspired  by the traveler’s journey from crossing the vast oceans to laying claim when finding remote deserted islands .  The coconut was free to travel the world, firing our young imaginations with it’s rich and nourishing  bounty.

At that time, little did I know, that a seed had been firmly planted in my subconscious and the same exotic nut would become the source of inspiration  throughout my travels in the tropics, over the next 30 years. It always seemed to appear as if silently inviting me to discover more of its inner secrets.   I spent many years doing exactly that, discovering  that coconut has always been  intrinsically  entwined with human life and it  was fueling something I was yet to discover.

The coconut colonizes remote islands transforming them into individual ecosystems that provide a benefit to the host (island) attracting other life.  That parallel  between coconut and bacteria exists as bacteria colonises  the gut  creating individualised inner ecosystems giving benefit to us , that’s where the concept of Rhythm Health began!

The question of marrying the two together to create something unique and totally natural that would be of benefit  to us all led me to the wonderful world of fermentation.  This ancient process wasn’t just a natural way of preserving food stuffs it had been passed down from generation to generation because it had benefited human health and was  backed by thousands of years of testament.  It did not take long to find the most active natural cultures, lactose free Kefir, that would facilitate  a rainbow of diversity in terms of bacteria.

So joining these two together only  amplified the coconuts nutritional status whilst introducing gut boosting beneficial bacteria. The problem was keeping it all together.  This was going to take something so special, a natural food technology that only used cold pressurization, to give it enough shelf life whilst keeping it raw (non heat treated) and as close nutritionally to being freshly harvested as possible.

Having recognised the gut boosting potential of these beneficial bacteria, we developed 3 raw, natural coconut kefir products made with only young coconut meat, young coconut water and lactose free kefir cultures with no added sugar:

Pure coconut – a lightly fermented, nutritious, drink that is a source of beneficial bacteria and can be enjoyed every day
Life Shot 50 – fermented drink with a minimum of  50 billion diverse beneficial bacteria at the end of shelf.
Life Shot 200 – used as a course for underlying gut health issues or as an immune boost*. The Life Shot 200 has a stronger fermented taste and contains the highest concentration, of a minimum of  200 billion, beneficial bacteria at end of shelf life