Plant based Bamboo shot dispenser

We already work in the Philippines harvesting our organic coconuts making sure we use every part of the coconut both the insides to make our delicious drinks and the outside husk to fuel the factory with steam.

Our Mission has always been to make products inline with mother nature so we thought about reducing the amount of single bottles in our fridges and  we turned our creative attention to making a big difference when it comes to combating the amount of plastic waste that’s being dumped into our oceans and landfill sites that escapes recycling.

Our business is health shots of various kinds, mainly for fixing the gut, maintaining  a healthy gut microbiome and enhancing our  immune system.  That in itself reduces methane gas so it’s already contributing to lessen  greenhouse gases, even if only in a small way!

The quest was on for us to contribute towards a greener planet for future generations and in line with our ethos and those of our caring customers. What better way to round off our unique products than to find a Bamboo technique that’s actually been producing environmentally friendly kitchenware for literally centuries 800yrs in fact! The creation of a multi use Bamboo shot dispenser is a reminder to us daily – as we pour our healthy shots – of the care and respect we need to take for our beautiful planet.

Help Us Save Our Beautiful Planet

Bamboo is one of the most renewable and sustainable plants on the surface of our Planet. Did you know it absorbs carbon dioxide and creates oxygen. Some species of Bamboo can grow upto 3 ft in 24 hours, Just Amazing!

See how the bamboo is worked  in thin strips forming concentric circles to build strength into the structure, whilst no chemical glue is used, only a mixture of rice flour starch and local clay that binds it together when dry. This is truly organic packaging.