Rhythm Drinks

Wild, natural kefir cultures. Tender young coconuts. Refreshing tropical flavours

No added sugar. No nonsense. Just nature.

Our drinks are one of a kind, calling on thousands of years of tradition and one of the world’s best kept secrets to create something completely new…

A refreshing range of non-dairy drinks that is 100% natural

100% perfect for your inner rhythm…

And the only “little bottle, bacteria drink” with no added sugar in UK health food stores – the first ever in fact!

Made with tender young coconuts and billions of wild, natural kefir cultures, we use a cold-pressing technique to keep our drinks raw (or uncooked, if you will), natural and nutritious.

What this means is that we use lots of cold water with a whole lot of pressure behind it  and no heat whatsoever,holding  onto all of the nutrients in our ingredients – at the same time due to  natures design it allows the kefir cultures to ‘live’ in the coconut milk, without the need to add any sugar.

Three 126g bottles should keep you topped up for the week – providing just the right amount you need for natural inner rhythm – but if you fancy a bottle a day, then go right ahead.

With three delicious flavours to choose from – Passionately Mango (with a hint of Passionfruit), Coconut and Greens (The Nutrients of Field and Orchard Greens) and Perfectly Pure (the wondrous taste of pure coconut) – you’re sure to find the one to make you tick.

  • Real, ‘live’ fermented drinks containing lactic acid bacteria, including Lactobacillus Acidophilus
  • No added sugar
  • Dairy-free, cholesterol-free and packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • All the benefits of wild, natural kefir cultures combined with tender young coconuts
  • Cold-pressed using only high pressure and cold water
  • Naturally occurring electrolyte salts in the coconut water – ideal for rehydration!
  • Three delicious flavours – Coconut, Mango & Passionfruit, Coconut & Pomegranate and Pure Coconut
  • Available from Whole Foods Market, , Holland & Barrett, As Nature intended & Planet Organic   and other independent health food stores

Rhythm Coconut Yogurt alternative with Kefir Cultures/Coconut and Sauerkraut, delicious fermented food snacks

Firstly we cold press our virgin coconut cream at source in the Phillippines without adding any water or thickeners like tapioca starch or gums.

Wild natural Kefir grains are our source of Kefir cultures which we traditionally ferment with coconut and finally high pressure process keeping it all raw nutrition.


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