Microbiome test and ORGANIC Life Shot 200 – 30 Day Course


Microbiome Test discounted

Includes £16.21 VAT

  • Learn how microbes can protect your gut from disease
  • Understand how your diet affects your gut bacteria
  • Optimise your microbiome’s ability to synthesise vitamins
  • Know how much fibre your body needs to be healthy
  • Discover your personalised food recommendations
  • Boost your good bacteria with our 200 Billion Life shots
This is a wonderful way to really see the microbiome change and re-balance using diet and natural unprocessed probiotics (non freeze dried) from our life shots in the comfort of your own home. That doesn’t mean to say your not going to be actively involved or let’s say at least your inner self the trillions of microbes that already make you up actually are. The microbiome test will look at your existing microbiome status and offer you personalised dietary advice whilst the life shots get to work to re balance and improve your percentage of microorganisms that are essentially an integral part of you and your immune system to start giving your gut an instant boost to take on the world and feel your best.
The Life shots are to be taken once a day first thing in the morning 15 minutes before eating. We recommend taking the whole bottle but everyone is different so you may want to spread it over a longer time period.


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