Customers Letters: Madelyn from UK

I have been seriously suffering for some time with an extended belly despite my hours of work out and long walks through our lovely parks ! Most disconcerting … and tried all of the products on the market .. including very pricey tablets and tablespoons of sauerkraut …

I am fit and strong and healthy in all respects and minded to eat natural foods but in no way have fixated ideas or ever go ‘over the top’ as regards self interest. It was just this swollen belly which really caused me distress .. and then tried your lovely little bottles – yesterday one bottle of coconut drink and by about mid afternoon – some two hours or so following ingestion of Rhythm (great name!!) the swelling was going down and down and continued to do so all through the night .. wow .. and this morning following another small dynamite ‘shot’ my stomach swelling has virtually receded and further I FEEL great … so my appreciation as per my earlier comments is very, very sincere, and hopefully reflects back to you and your team the commitment and integrity involved to produce a product whose purity and efficacy exceed expectations … WELL DONE !!!

Thanks again ..


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