Customer letter: Sally from Hertfordshire

Twelve years ago I was an active, working, jet setting, gym going, mountain biking/swimming healthy woman. Sadly in 2005 overnight I awoke and was unable to walk, my symptoms were chronic inflammation which resulted in muscle wasting in my hands and calves, arthritis everywhere, widespread Raynaud’s disease (hands, feets, lips and nose), severe sinusitis, mild lung fibrosis and rapid and inflamed heartbeat and terrible fevers. I was very soon diagnosed with Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. For the last twelve years I have been on a number of immune suppressing drugs and many biological treatments together with steroids which have only helped somewhat but the side effects are horrific. I have spent many weeks in hospital and have always followed a healthy alkaline diet and tried everything under the sun including homeopathic treatments which has kept me afloat but still with severe symptoms/sleepless nights and a very limited lifestyle. In the beginning of May 2017 I stumbled on the Rhythm Life shots at Planet Organics in London and after only 1 shot I could not believe how the systemic microwave burning feeling in my entire body which I have had all these years significantly reduced. After the second shot the following day I reduced one of my heavy immune suppressing medications (500mg of mychophenolate) that I have never EVER been able to reduce in twelve years. This is a miracle for me and what it will potentially do with continued use, I am therefore continuing to take daily shots and will update this review in due course. Anyone out there who has given up hope like I had you must try these shots along with a healthy diet as this has given me something to work for and hope for the future.

Sally, Hertfordshire

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  • Sarah Hughes

    02/11/2017 at 7:12 am Reply

    I feel inspired reading this Sally and hope you will get better amd stronger each day …..
    your story is similar to mine, thankyou for sharing,

    Sarah xx

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