Customer Letter: Rachel

I have MS, am busy and active, and have always managed it through diet and lifestyle… which was fine… until it wasn’t. Suddenly I wasn’t digesting food properly, found myself racing to the loo first thing, last thing and at random times in between, and was losing weight to boot. Weight that I really couldn’t afford to lose. I buried my head in the sand for a good 18 months until my symptoms became so extreme that even I could see that something had to be done.

Enter Rhythm Health and their Life Shot 200. I was lucky enough to find them while working with a nutritionist who diagnosed SIBO, put me on a low FODMAP diet and suggested that I take a course of the shots.

We monitored progress via breath tests to map my hydrogen and methane levels – one at the start and one at the end of the process. Never mind the breath test, I’d know for sure whether things were improving or not.

The technical bit first: after two months on the Life Shots my hydrogen and methane levels both returned to normal – my SIBO was clear. Much to my delight, my digestive issues cleared up too: I was digesting fats properly, absorbing the vitamin B and D supplements that I take and felt like a normal person again. I even put on the 2 kg that I’d been chasing for over a year (how cool is that?!). More than anything though, I was back in control of my body and health.

So huge thanks to Brian and the Rhythm Health team who were extremely helpful and supportive throughout. I can only recommend them and the Life Shot 200 to anyone looking to improve their digestion and the health of their microbiome. Give it a go.


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