Customer letter no.2: Sally from Hertfordshire

It has now been several months since my last review and I have been continuing with the course of the life shots and the pure kefirs. My symptoms continue to improve and this has been the only product that I have ever come across in the past 12 years living with this condition that has relieved my horrible feverish, burning up symptoms within a matter of minutes. I also have had regular sibo breath tests that have now almost reached baseline. This means that all the really bad gut bacteria I have had all these years (probably due to the cocktail of toxic immune suppressing drugs I have been prescribed) has nearly cleared. I would not hesitate in recommending these products as they have helped me enormously. I am continuing on the life shots and will endeavour to reduce my drugs further and will update this review again soon. Anyone out there reading this I truly hope this will inspire you to take control of your health.

Sally, Hertfordshire

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