Customer Letter: Karen

I was diagnosed with Crohns about 4 years ago. I unsuccessfully tried for a few years to get my calprotectin down from around 300 and eventually I reluctantly agreed to take a 3 month course of steroids. This thankfully took my levels to down to 50. I then gave up drinking and followed a healthy diet. When I did the test a year and half later, I expected my levels to still be good but they had gone back up to 256. I was so disappointed as my diet was good and also no alcohol was obviously a good move. I was concerned I might forever have to take steroids to maintain levels over time. I spoke to a colleague who had suffered serious health issues and had taken the Life Shots and it had really helped. I contacted Brian at Rhythm health, who owns the company, and he said they have great success with people with Crohns. I took the life shots for 2 months (2x 30 day course) then got tested again. My calprotectin had reduced to 25. I was amazed. I plan to take the regular Rhythm health kefir daily and then top up with the life shots every quarter. It’s such a relief to know that I can control the inflammation naturally without having to resort to steroids.

Karen from London
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