Customer Letter: Julie from North Yorkshire

I just wanted to write to you to say a huge thank you. Your products have transformed my health in a way I couldn’t have dared hoped for.

A bit of background, I have been very unwell for over 50 years with chronic fatigue and blood sugar problems. Both were diagnosed by the NHS, at different times, but both have been untreatable, despite many hours of various treatments and thousands of pounds spent on treatments. Recently, my energy levels have been so poor as to seriously affect my life. I couldn’t walk far, couldn’t go out, couldn’t enjoy life.

I read some recent research about the effect of the gut micro biome on health and thought I would try your product. I have used both Life Shot 50 and Life Shot 200s and am writing to let you know their amazing effect. (Nothing else in my life has changed, so it must be your products.)

Energy levels: As I drank the Shots, my energy levels slowly improved in an incredible way. Some days I almost feel normally healthy again. Not only that, but the energy is sustained now. Before, I would have little bursts of small amounts of energy but would have to rest after exertion – now I have much more energy for longer periods. I still have to rest, but my recovery is much quicker. I am able to do much, much more, for longer. It’s very exciting!

Blood sugar: Something I wasn’t expecting at all was that after about two weeks I noticed a marked stability in my blood sugar levels (I took readings using a monitor). Before, I used to get rapid and profound blood sugar drops after eating anything (caused by what a consultant once told me was a “hair-trigger pancreatic response to even small amounts of glucose”, with a slow recovery to normal levels). Since that two week point, I no longer experience those drops. Not only that but I seem to be using food as energy more efficiently (whereas before, I stored glucose as fat, instead of using it for energy – meaning that I have had to eat very low calorie diet to stay the same weight). Since the Life Shots, I have been eating normally and my weight has stayed steady.

Before, I often experienced gnawing hunger feelings (even though I had just eaten) and would want to eat even though I wasn’t actually hungry. I don’t know if the low blood sugar caused that, but the feeling is noticeable in its absence now. I eat three meals a day and don’t feel hungry between meals. In some ways, I feel as if my eating has returned to how it was when I was young. I get hungry, I eat, I feel full until the next meal. It’s a revelation after so many years of having to rely on my self control not to eat, even though I wanted to.

General: I am feeling *much* better all round. Not only is my energy improved and my blood sugar levels, but consequently my mood has improved – due, no doubt, to being able to get up and do the things I want to do.

I can’t thank you enough for creating these fantastic Life Shot products.

  • Cate Mitchell

    07/06/2018 at 1:20 am Reply

    This is inspirational to read as a fellow ME sufferer iv been searching for the last 6 years to combat the chronic fatigue i endure on a daily basis.
    Thank you for leaving your review i will definitely try Rhythm life shot.
    I will be contacting Rhythm direct for advice in the morning.

  • Jonathon

    07/09/2019 at 10:39 am Reply

    HI Julie,

    I am having similar issues with my pancreas and getting very little help from the doctors. Every time I take even a small amount of glucose, things go wrong. I’m very keen to start the life shot and would also be interested in talking with you about your experiences if that would be possible? Not sure if you will get this message but if so, it would be great if you can get back to me.


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