Customer Letter: Hemal

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the life shots. Its really difficult to find non-dairy kefir on the market with no added nasties. I was diagnosed with severe Crohns disease and taking life shots alongside a plant based diet, I saw my health transform. Doctors said my only option was to take medication or have surgery but I refused to believe these were my only options. And so my story shows natural healing is possible considering my scans were showing that my bowel was perforating! My CRP levels shows no inflammation and my faecal calpotectrin levels also show no inflammation. I have now been medication free for just over 9 months (stopped medication on December 2018, started life shots in Feb 2019). If you are considering taking life shots, I highly highly recommend them. If you have any questions you can find me on instagram @gutcrazy . I would like to personally thank Brian for continuously showing me support in my healing journey. I have not took life shots for a few months now and its nice to see that Brian still keeps in touch with me at least once a month to see how I am getting on. I will be taking more life shots soon just to keep my gut continuously healthy. Thank you so so much Brian!

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