Customer Letter: Daisy from Kent

At 16 I was diagnosed with glandular fever from which I never fully recovered, with it leading on to other medical problems, endometriosis, skin problems (dermatitis/acne), chronic pain all over my body, headaches and a general feeling of malaise. Fast forward a few years, I started investigating natural remedies to ease my symptoms. I changed my diet (cutting out all sugar, which let’s face it, It’s the devils powder!) and started reading about the incredible results from taking kefir. My nutritionist was very keen for me to try Rhythm Health kefir and felt that even though I had an extremely healthy diet, taking kefir was the most important thing I could do to vastly improve my health. How right she was! I’ve not looked back. After years of being on antibiotics for my skin I truly wish a doctor had pointed me in the direction of looking at my digestive health. Kefir has in no uncertain terms changed my life. I am pain free and have so much more energy. The more I read about digestive health and your mental/physical health, I’m convinced of the need to add a product like Rhythm Health kefir to your diet. It’s a truly amazing product and I’m really passionate about spreading the word!

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