Customer Letter: Becki from Rutland

I happened across a pack of three small Rhythm Health kefir drinks during an accidental visit to a Whole Foods store in London some weeks back. I am allergic to dairy, and so have never been able to try kefir before, although I’ve been reading about how awesome it is for a few years now. It was great therefore to find it available to drink in coconut water.

It didn’t go unnoticed that every time I drank a little bottle, I felt like my tummy was super happy, almost dancing. My energy and moods began to show just a little improvement too, which fascinated me every time. So after finishing my third bottle, I looked on the label for a web address, and did a little research.

A brief overview of my background will explain why I was so fascinated with how I was feeling: I have been living with chronic illness (Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome, and Fibromyalgia, along with a whole host of severe allergies and intolerances) for the past 7 years. During that time I had to quit an extremely good job, leave my own home and move back in with my parents, as I became too poorly to do even basic things for myself such as washing my own hair, preparing food, and so on. It’s been a long journey back to anything resembling good health, but through learning about the power of eating real, unprocessed foods, and reducing my daily toxin exposure – not only in the foods I eat, but also beauty products and so on – I have seen some quite incredible improvements in my health these past three years, and have been able to help others in similar situations with their health journey too.

However, even with all the improvements that eating a healthy diet had made, I was still not firing on all cylinders. Any form of exercise would aggravate my muscles, and instead of growing stronger (the way muscles are supposed to react to exercise) by body would react by ‘crashing’ into periods of intense pain and inflammation. I have learned to use certain foods to quickly offset a crash, which has been really amazing these past few years, but I’ve never got to a point where I could say I feel totally ‘right’ again. Always a little tired, easily exhausted, feet dragging when I walk, constantly aware of muscular pain, heaviness, sensitive skin and so on.

Anyway. Fast forward to the last 2-3 weeks! I really liked the look of the Rhythm Health website, and was fascinated by all the testimonials of people who had either done the 10 day Life Shots course or the 3 day cleanse, and experienced sometimes shocking physical healing from severe conditions, extremely quickly too. I’ve been taking probiotics for the past three years and they definitely made a difference to my digestion, but this seemed to be operating on another level – actually healing up the gut entirely, instead of just balancing out people’s good and bad bacteria. As a bona fide health nerd, I was intrigued!

I dropped Rhythm Health a message enquiring about the 3 day cleanse, because I wanted to know if it would be safe for me to do (I have to eat at regular intervals or my symptoms dramatically flare up) and received a call back within 24 hours.

I was advised not to take The Cleanse, but to instead try the 10 day course of Life Shots. This would enable me to benefit from several Billion strains of amazing Lactose Free kefir grains, at the same time as being able to eat (healthily) and keep my strength up throughout the day. It was also recommended that I mix my daily Life Shot up with one of the smaller drinks, to boost the amount of kefir still further.

When my parcel arrived I was super excited, and also a little nervous. I’ve experienced my body reacting negatively to so many random substances that I had no idea how it was going to go! But I started the next morning regardless, hoping and praying for the best.

The first 4-5 days I can honestly say – and sorry for being graphic here! – that I pooped for England. I didn’t have stomach ache, but as far as I am led to understand, those little good bacteria were doing an extremely thorough job of spring cleaning my gut of anything and everything that shouldn’t be in there! By day 5 I was going just once or twice a day (which is a healthy amount) and seemed to be digesting everything much more easily, plus experiencing the delights of ‘eliminating’ fully – again, sorry to be graphic, but this stuff is so important!

More than that however, my energy levels have soared! I wake up happy, well-rested and ready for the day. I’ve joined a gym for the first time in seven years, and have been going every 2-3 days. I walk and jog intermittently on the running machine for 2 minute intervals, up to 10 minutes. I use the cross trainer for 3 minutes, and then I spend a further 20 minutes utilising the weight machines. I’m lifting 10-15kgs at a time, and so far my muscles have done nothing but get stronger after every workout! I finish with a little physio and some deep breathing to cool down at the end, and then I walk home, feeling good.

This is HUGE – for the first time in seven years, my body is behaving the way it should do, instead of trying to protect me falsely from things which aren’t actually threats to my health.

Another quite astonishing outcome to taking the Life Shots was that for the first time in over a decade, I had something of a miracle period! I have struggled with my cycle for a very long time now. Since switching to a ‘real food’ diet my hormones began to seriously rebalance themselves, and I was able to go from taking 5-6 medications each month down to just the one, but have never been able to come off that one (it’s an extremely strong prescription medication). Last month I experimented coming off it for the first time in years, and I managed it, but was really in extreme pain, and the whole thing lasted for over two weeks believe it or not. I took a lot of over the counter medications to counteract the pain. It was all extremely unpleasant.

This month however, having been on the Life Shots for 5 days before it started (bang on time, by the way) I realised that I hadn’t had any pre-pains, and apart from taking a few paracetamol on day two, I barely experienced any pain at all! The whole thing went by like a dream…..I had energy, no mood swings, near-to-no cramping, no clotting, no nausea, no stomach upsets – it was like being a teenager all over again. I was both shocked and delighted!

I am more active in general at home too. My husband has frequently found me dancing away while washing up, baking, in the shower – you name it, I’m there, getting my boogie on.

I wouldn’t say I’m 100% well yet. I’d say pre-kefir I was around 65% there, but post-kefir I’m at around 94%, which is quite a leap in just 10 days. I still pace myself, take it steady, take the occasional afternoon nap. I still need to go to bed early and avoid all my allergens (that’s just common sense!) But having the energy to get up early, feeling happy and grounded and – most of all – feeling my body grow stronger every day, has been a genuinely exciting, emotional experience, for both myself and my husband. This is what we have been praying for, for years now. And it’s finally happening.

These Life Shots, in my experience, are the human equivalent to turning your system off and back on again. I feel like I’ve been rebooted! And my system is beginning to learn how to operate and function properly all over again, after years of dysfunction. I do feel that my healthy diet has facilitated a greater degree of healing than if I was chowing down on McD’s every day, so I think it’s important to blend the two together for sure. But my goodness – I think I’m still in shock at just how naturally effective this kefir really is!

I can’t recommend the Life Shots enough. I’m currently on my second course, and am excited to see where I’m at, at the end of it. Thanks, Rhythm Health wizards – you guys are amazing 🙂

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  • Gracie Falls

    February 16, 2018at5:09 pm Reply

    I know it’s now 2018 but I’ve just read your review and you sound so much like me!
    I suffer with B12 Deficiency, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia Symptoms etc….and I’ve been dealing with all this since 2011 at the age of 20 and have steadily got worse.
    This gives me massive hope to actually have a life again.
    I’d love to know the changes you made to your diet and life to recover over time, and I am definitely going to try this product as I am also allergic to dairy and have wanted to try it for years!
    If you do see this and have a minute or two, I’d love to know some information about the changes you’ve made and how you’re feeling now, long term! 😀


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