Customer Letter: Alia

I suffer from severe allergies to the point it became life threatening. The frequent episodes of allergic reactions seemed to have had a long term effect on my health and I now suffer from chronic angeodema; swelling of the eyes, tongue and throat swelling, restricting my airways accompanied with hives. This can be life threatening if not controlled. I was seriously struggling despite being prescribed high dosages of medication as would often choke in my sleep and not know if I was going to see another day. A friend of mine reccomended ‘rhythm life shots’ her mother suffered similar to me in terms of the allergic reactions and was cured. I initially tried a 5 days supply of ‘life shot 200 billion’ and could feel the benefits; my tongue started get back to its original colour (stomach acid can cause it to have a coating) I decided to take the ‘life shots’ for a whole month. I noticed a big improvement in the severity of my condition to the point that the inside of my throat used to get inflamed and my tongue swelling was less extreme. My stomach became flat as was always bloated and I would get frequent episodes of acid reflux and thrush as the bacteria levels were so imbalanced, this all improved with ‘life shots’. I also suffer from chronic ankyskoisng spondylitis and arthritis where I could also see the benefits. I am already on a acid free diet to help control the arthritis and ‘life shots’ I believe is an excellent way to boost your bodies with the friendly bacteria which can get effected with unhealthy diets and conventional drugs, especially antibiotics and stress. Medical conditions such as gout, rheumatoid arthritis and many other inflammatory conditions including any with excessive stomach acid. I believe would greatly benefit from ‘life shots’ as the route cause is acid in our bodies. The saying ‘You are what you eat’ is true. I highly recommend ‘life shots’ to anyone with conditions where the bacteria level is compromised and also to boost your immune system. I also Recommend to buy it from as you know the product is pure and the staff are genuine and are there to help. Id like to take this opportunity to pass A special ‘Thank You’ to Brian Owens for making the difference in my life.

Thank you so much Brian for your support and excellent product!

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